Submission Guidelines

World Economic Research Institute (WERI) accepts original manuscripts to be published in EconWorld Working Papers series. Please send your submission to wp@econworld.org. Authors are encouraged to use the working paper series’ template.docx file which can be downloaded from here.

Submitted manuscripts should resemble articles in standard academic journals in terms of content, structure, length and format. Accordingly, the paper should be of academic nature; the topic should relate to economics, including the contiguous historical, social, and behavioral sciences and statistical as well as mathematical methods related to economics; advertisements or surveys of contents of some other publication are not accepted, but review articles are; the paper must be complete and downloadable (abstracts without a downloadable paper are not accepted).

Manuscript submitted to Econ World Working Paper Series will first be evaluated by the editorial team to see if meets the minimum standards (originality, consistency, grammar or language use, etc.) and the scope of the series. If the editorial team decides that it does, the manuscript will be checked for the formatting guidelines as follows:

  • Articles in English and Turkish are accepted. Articles should be submitted online by email in MS Office Word format.
  • Submitted articles should be unpublished work.
  • Authors keep the copyright on the manuscripts after acceptance. However the working paper will be published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Licence.
  • The title page should include: the title of the manuscript, the abstract, JEL codes, keywords and author information. Author information must include: names of all authors, a clear specification of the corresponding author, institutional affiliations of all authors and communication information (snail and electronic mail addresses). If a submitted manuscript is in Turkish, all items in the title page should be provided in English, additionally.
  • Manuscripts should be typed by Times New Roman, size 12, 1.15 spaced, and should not exceed 30 pages.
  • Titles and subtitles should be short.
  • Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively and titled.
  • Decimals should be separated by a full-stop. Digits should not be separated by commas.
  • Equations should be numbered consecutively. Equation numbers should appear in parentheses at the right margin.
  • In cases where the derivation of formulas has been abridged, the full derivation must be presented on a separate sheet for referee use (not to be published).
  • References should be presented on a seperate page. References and citations should follow the APA rules and guidelines. DOI numbers MUST be available, when available.
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